Establishment of Paternity


Establishment of Paternity

In Florida, paternity proceedings establish legal parenthood. They serve as the foundation for child support and custody rights. When is a paternity case necessary? Questions surrounding paternity usually come into play when children are born to unmarried parents. For example, as a mother, you may want your child to have a meaningful relationship with his or her father, and you may wish to claim your legal right to child support. As a father, you may wish to establish a parent-child relationship and secure visitation (time-sharing) rights. Simply signing a birth certificate for the child does not amount to an official paternity declaration if you are not married to the mother. Alternatively, perhaps you are seeking to dispute paternity of a child you don’t believe is yours. Either the mother or father may initiate paternity proceedings.

Seeking To Establish Or Challenge Paternity?

Paternity, child support and parental responsibility are closely intertwined. At The Law Office of Christopher C. Calhoun in Jacksonville, I are familiar with the many nuances of Florida family law when it comes to these foundational issues. My office represents both mothers and fathers in paternity cases. People from many backgrounds contact my office for legal guidance on sensitive family issues. I uphold the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism. My office can assist you with all stages of the proceedings, including filing the appropriate documentation and securing the evidence necessary to support your position (such as paternity DNA tests). Attorney Calhoun can also serve as your voice in court, leveraging his background as a trial lawyer to advance your interests.

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