Timesharing Arrangements in a Northeast

Florida Divorce or Paternity Action: What do you do if you have been refused your visitation rights by your former spouse or the other parent? Or if the circumstances in your life have changed and the agreed upon visitation rights need to be altered. A competent and experienced northeast Florida lawyer may be able to inform you of your legal rights and options and help you obtain the visitation schedule that is best for you and your child. As part of your divorce proceedings or paternity action, timesharing agreements should have been decided and agreed upon. When these agreements are not being followed or if visitation has been refused this could result in further court proceedings and changes in the custody of the child.

Work with an Attorney who cares about your situation

As the heaglth and welfare of your child is important, at The Law Office of Christopher C. Calhoun, I want you to know about your timesharing rights and what to do if those rights are being violated or need to be revised. The judge in a Family Court case will have final say on the guidelines for timesharing with what is in the best interest of the child, taking precedence over the desires of the parents and others entitled to timesharing. You and your former spouse may not be able to reach an agreement by yourselves on a timesharing schedule. A caring and knowledgeable attorney may be able to assist you to determine what is best for your child and workable for both parents.


It is most often to the benefit of your child to be able to routinely be in contact with both parents. It is a public policy in the State of Florida that both parents spend as much time as possible in the company of a child. When agreement cannot be easily reached by both parents on what the timesharing schedule should be, a divorce or paternity action case can become acrimonious and stressful which does not work to the benefit of your child or yourself. When a court-ordered child timesharing schedule is worked out both parents are legally bound to follow this schedule. Prenuptial agreements between spouses will not be upheld by our courts but will instead be worked out by the court with the best interests of your child taking precedence over all else.