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Christopher C. Calhoun, Esquire

I believe that the key to success lies in nurturing client relationships by establishing continuous communication throughout the legal process.

Most people rarely need a lawyer, but in the unfortunate event that you do, making the right decision about which attorney will be best for your situation is important. It’s important to you and your family’s future.

It is important that your first decision be the right decision. Christopher C. Calhoun is an attorney who will take the time to listen to you, quickly understand the legal issues, clearly explain your options, and guide you to the best outcome.

Christopher C. Calhoun also provides legal support for families in need of divorce, child custody, and child support. At the Law Office of Christopher C. Calhoun, P.A., you will be represented as if you were family.

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Professional, Personable, Knowledgeable

Professional, Personable, Knowledgeable

I’m so thankful a friend of mine recommended this lawyer to me. I actually was able to have a fair shake at life post divorce and I am throughly satisfied with the final outcome. He listened to what I had to say and responded to my calls each in a prompt and timely manner. He did exactly what he said what he was gonna do, and didn’t sugar coat things. Even through covid I was kept in the loop about the timeframes so the steps it would take never felt out of reach for me. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

Posted by Tyrone Hutchins | April 15, 2021


I have retained Mr.Calhoun several times

I have retained Mr.Calhoun several times

I hired Mr.Chris Calhoun to resolve a child support matter that has been lingering for several years. He was diligent and knowledgeable about the details of my situation. In a competitive market Mr.Calhoun’s fees were reasonable. As he has done before in the past, we were able to resolve my case which fell in my favor. I have retained Mr.Calhoun several times over the past decade. He is a straightforward professional, who I will ALWAYS highly recommend.

Posted by Adrian | August 15, 2022


The absolute best lawyer in town!

The absolute best lawyer in town!

My dissolution of marriage happened before covid and ended during Covid! This guy has been with me every step of the way. Literally just a phone call away. Not once did I ever feel forgot about, he always reassured me that everything was okay! He’s a very honest guy and straight to the point when it came to me! When it came about my son he always put him first and the welfare of him! If I could recommend anyone this would most definitely be the lawyer to choose!!

Posted by Phaylicia | August 18, 2021







Let me start by saying that Mr. Calhoun is an excellent lawyer! I had a consultation with him and from there, I knew he was the lawyer to help me with my divorce. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about family law. I always received superb customer service from him; even during the times I was slow with things. Mr. Calhoun was very patient and understanding with me as I was going through that difficult time. Whenever any correspondence come through him, I was notified and he made sure I understood everything that was happening before proceeding to the next step. When I needed to contact him via phone or email, he always responded in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the final results of my divorce. I would definitely recommend the services of Mr. Christopher Calhoun.

Posted by Tierra | September 27, 2022




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When faced with a legal question, many people don’t know where to start. Evaluating and choosing a lawyer for your needs and becoming educated about legal issues can be a daunting task.