Child Support Modification


Child Support Modification

The Law Office of Christopher C. Calhoun, can assist you with establishing child support, modifying your current child support, timesharing or provide sound, legal counsel and representation in child custody matters including enforcing your current child support or time sharing order. Your children are entitled to child support. In Florida, both parents have a fundamental obligation to support their minor or legally dependent child under Florida law. Florida Statutes 61.30 Child Support Guidelines explained:

(1) The guidelines schedule is based on the parent’s combined net income estimated to have been allocated to the child as if the parents and children were living in an intact household.

(2) The guidelines encourage fair and efficient settlement of support issues between parents and minimizes the need for litigation. With a focus in Florida family law, I possess the skill, knowledge, and experience in family law, including matters of child support. Obtaining the appropriate amount of child support through a court order along with the enforcement of child support is often necessary for the survival of your family. If you are not getting child support, you should contact the Law Office of Christopher C. Calhoun for help. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to first establish paternity or file for dissolution of marriage.

Modification of Child Support Orders

Many times, circumstances or situations will change from the time of your original divorce or child support order and a downward modification or an increase in child support may be necessary. The needs of the children may change, changes in the parties’ income or time- sharing or other special circumstances can affect the amount of child support you should be paying currently.

My office can readily assess your custody support issues and provide dependable guidance on your likelihood of success in seeking a modification of: child custody support spousal support or parenting time. I engage closely with each of our clients, I provide honest counsel, and I work hard to obtain a favorable result by the most efficient legal means. I work with many hardworking, successful men and women who have been victimized by economic adversity beyond their control. Orders for child support and spousal support are binding and enforceable until they are modified — and the longer you wait, the more you will owe. On the other hand, if a parent is paying far less than required based upon a continued and expected increase in income this could constitute a substantial change in circumstances requiring an increase of custody support depending on the circumstances. Establishing, Modifying or Enforcing Child Support in Jacksonville, Florida If you Need a Northeast Florida Child Support Attorney to represent you in a Child Support or Time- Sharing Matter, I know how important this is for you and your family.

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